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 Obsession/NC-17/Chapter Fic 

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Hey everyone, here's a new fanfic!
Title: Obsession
Author: lauravforever
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: CW and TPTB of Smallville.
Spoilers: None.
Feedback: Yes, please!
Couples: Clark/Lois, Jimmy/Kara, Chloe/Bart, Dinah/Oliver
Summary: Clark is Superman and Kara is Supergirl, both protecting Metropolis and living a happy life with their significant other. Lex Luthor KNOWS Clark and Kara's secret identity, he's never made it to President, just editor and owner of the Daily Planet. One night Supergirl rescues a co-worker she knows because he's Jimmy's friend who's decided to commit suicide since he lost his job at the Daily Planet. Should she have done that? At least one relationship will crumble...


A man is sitting on the roof of the Daily Planet, all alone. He's always been all alone. His co-workers all had somebody to call their own: Clark Kent had Lois Lane, Chloe Sullivan had Bart Allen and Kara Kent had Jimmy Olsen. Plus they all had their jobs... he has just lost his. At least someone should review the concerts and movies and DVD's and music releases right? Then why didn't Lex Luthor think that was necessary for such a paper like the Daily Planet? The man dreaded the upcoming work party. He couldn't stand to attend one more party with all those lovely faces. And sweet friend Jimmy Olsen. The man grinned evilly. The boy was weak, anyone could steal Kara away from him, he probably didn't have the guts to challenge the newcomer to a duel to win Kara's affections back should that ever happen. Should someone ever wreck that perfect happiness that he shared with Kara.

The man stood up, jumped to his feet and grabbed his backpack. A sweet full bottle of Scotch had been waiting there ever since he had gotten fired. The memories between himself and his boss danced in front of his eyes, the arguments as well, making fun of him. He unscrewed the cap and drank. . . until the very last drop of Scotch had burned his throat. Angry that the bottle was empty, he threw it down towards the ground.

"I HATE YOU ALL!" He yelled to the World. True, he had been happy for all of them at first, but every drive that he gave himself to start a relationship, always ended in You're very nice and all, but I don't want a relationship with you. It would be great if we could remain friends... Don't worry, Jan, there will be someone for you some day... Another truth was that he was madly in love with Kara, but for the sake of Jimmy and Kara's friendship he had held back that desire.

He heard the shatter of the bottle down below and decided that it was time to leave this World... he hadn't even left a letter to his friends, or even told them that he was sacked by their boss... they'd only be concerned when Jan wanted them to be happy and live their lives... forget about him. He was a failure. He was a nobody. All their lives they had been at Smallville, and where was Jan? Simply not in Smallville.

Like he was diving into a swimming pool, Jan dove from the roof... bracing himself for the crash, the destruction of his body, but the crash never came... as he closed his eyes and imagined Kara Kent chosing him over Jimmy...


Kara Kent aka Supergirl had discussed with Superman that she would scout this part of Metropolis tonight. The crime rate here had been skyhigh compared to Smallville!! Luckily, tonight there hadn't been a report of a robbery at a Bank or even harressments by people looking for a girl to rape or even steal purses from elderly ladies, at least not in this part of Metropolis. It was getting late, and Supergirl was about to leave, when a bottle broke close to where she was standing. "I HATE YOU ALL!" was what she heard. She didn't need her superhearing to hear that. A part of her thought that she recognized the owner of the voice. What is he still doing up at this ungodly hour? Probably working on a story for Lex, I'll bet... She thought, as she looked up. Her eyes grew wide as she saw him, apparently gotten delusional or crazy... WHO in their right mind would dive off a roof as big as the Daily Planet?

Supergirl instantly reacted and flew toward the man that was falling toward her, she caught him in her arms, not hovering in mid-flight but immediately setting course for his apartment. Jan didn't move, he had closed his eyes, accepting his fate, his death... not realizing he was actually in the arms of the person he secretly had a crush on...

It didn't take long before she was at Jan's apartment. She dug her hand into his jacket's pocket and fished out the key to open his door. Supergirl entered his house and immediately brought him to bed after closing the door.

She took his face in her hands and spoke to him. "Jan, wake up! Snap out of it! JAN!" She yelled at him, but he wouldn't open his eyes. There was only one thing she could think of that could bring him back.... sure there was CPR, but she didn't think that he was that out of it... and brought her hand back and slapped him hard on his cheek. "WAKE UP!"

A sharp intake of breath and Jan bent forward, as if he had choked on something and someone had just managed to have Jan spit out the thing that he was choking on, the images of Jan and Kara gone from his thoughts... "Where am I? It was Heaven where I was...... am I in Hell?" Jan asked, but didn't see anyone until he looked around him. "S.... Supergirl?!"

To Be Continued...
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Chapter One : A Second Chance

Supergirl rolled her eyes, apparently Jan was TOTALLY out of it. So she decided to play his little game, as her eyes got tearful. "Yes, this is Hell, Jan. We're the only ones left... everyone's dead... Jimmy too." She wrapped him in her arms. "WE'RE THE ONLY ONES LEFT!" She said sobbing against him, when she looked up to see if he was falling for it. What DID happen she was not prepared for. Jan had pressed his lips on hers in a passionate kiss. Just the thought that what Supergirl was telling him had actually happened had spiked Jan with the power to finally kiss her, even if she wasn't Kara Kent, the object of his obsession, but Jan didn't know that Supergirl is Kara.

Supergirl pulled her lips back, refusing to believe that her boyfriend's best friend would do such a thing. However... and she would never ever let Jimmy know, she did like the kiss.

"Sorry, Jan, I was joking. You should have seen the look on your face! Of course we're not in Hell, what were you thinking, anyway? Jumping, more like diving off the Daily Planet roof?! ARE YOU CRAZY?" She asked, stepping away from him.

So apparently Lex hadn't told anyone yet. "I guess nobody knows yet... Lex fired me. There was no reason to stay alive anymore, so I did the first thing that came to mind." Jan said, and was slapped by Kara again.

"DO you even know how everyone would react? Kara, Jimmy, Clark, Lois, Chloe and Bart? Why they would feel a great loss for your death! Feel like a part of them had died!" There was a setup why she had used her real name first... but only as a friend. She would never ever betray Jimmy by kissing or even god forbid sleeping with Jan. They were too much in love for that. Their relationship hasn't been that ever since they had met in Smallville, then they were falling in love. Now they had moved on past that and had slept a couple of times with eachother, Kara being careful not to use her powers while in bed with Jimmy.

"Lex... why is he always responsible for misery like that?" Supergirl asked and before Jan could answer, she had left with her superspeed, deciding to pay a certain editor and owner of the Daily Planet a visit before she reported to Superman her patrol and called it a night. "Supergirl, wait! Oh great... this is going to be interesting..." Jan said, as he got up in his bed and touched his wall for 10 seconds, causing it to slide to the side and reveal another wall... filled with Kara pictures. There were also a couple from previous work parties. Normally they had Jimmy in them, but Jan was also a master photoshopper/manipulator with pictures, so he had simply removed Jimmy from the pictures. There was one picture that was his favorite of Kara. He smiled and kissed her on her lips... it wasn't the real thing, but it would do, for now. "Soon... Oh Supergirl, you don't know what you've done..."

Supergirl exactly knew to find the castle-like mansion. It wasn't in Smallville, no, Lex Luthor had ordered to bring the Mansion to Metropolis. Plus, it wasn't the first time she had appeared at his Mansion. She remembered his manipulations when she had lost her memory. Lex Luthor was a heartless bastard, and what he had done with Jan's job.. she would make him pay.

Lex was sitting in his living room enjoying a late night Scotch before he would turn in since he had a newspaper to run. He hadn't counted on Supergirl paying him a visit. "LEX!!" She called and looked at him.

"Supergirl... or should I say Kara Kent. What a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe this visit?" Lex asked, memories of them together back in Smallville running through his mind. He casually sipped his Scotch.

"Don't pretend not to know why I am here. You fired Jan Oramu. Did you know what he would do after you fired him?" Supergirl asked, a not happy emotion on her face, nor a sad one, because that would betray that she cared for Jan... as a friend. It could only be anger.

"Hmm... let's see, try to find another job at say The Inquisitor?" Lex asked. That caused the glass with Scotch to be turned into a million pieces by Supergirl's heat vision.

"NO! He tried to kill himself!" Supergirl yelled at him. "Imagine Jimmy's reaction when Jan would not show up for work tomorrow!"

Lex froze. Jan had actually tried to kill himself due to the fact he had lost his job? He never ever wanted anyone to commit suicide, no matter what a heartless bastard he was. "So I guess you've come here to negotiate Jan's return to work, right? You obviously saved him... since you said he tried to kill himself?" Lex asked, his voice not betraying how angry he was for destroying his glass into a million pieces.

"Yes, Lex, I have." Supergirl said, taking a seat in one of Lex's chairs in front of his desk.

So they discussed Jan's return to work and Lex had promised to accept the reviews and DVD's releases and everything he hadn't thought was Daily Planet-material. Plus... he would give Jan a company credit card.

Supergirl didn't hug Lex Luthor, she didn't want his arms around her ever since that time at Smallville, instead she smiled and thanked him for accepting her visit. Then she flew off again, leaving an evil smiling Lex Luthor behind his desk. Maybe I should give Jan some more gifts... Kara/Supergirl...

Supergirl met up with Superman and discussed their recent patrol of crime activity of Metropolis. "Nothing on my end... except..." Supergirl got out of her costume, now just being Kara. She didn't say anything more, just let Superman get out of his costume, now just being Clark. "Kara, what is it?" Clark asked her. He knew Lois would be worrying sick about him, but he figured that this could not wait.

Her eyes got sad, and tears threatened to spill. "I saved someone from commiting suicide tonight. It's someone we know very well... he's friends with all of you at the Daily Planet. He got sacked by Lex, but I managed to get him back on board."

"Lex fired Jimmy? Oh god Kara, I'm glad you managed to..."
"NO! It isn't Jimmy. It's Jan... don't think you Jimmy would have notified us instead of trying to commit suicide?!" Clark was horrified and wanted to fly off to Jan to see how he was doing.

Kara lay a hand on Clark's arm. "It's okay, it's dealt with. He's alright. Go home to Lois, I'll go home to Jimmy. Let's call it a night." Kara told his cousin.

"But you're not going to tell Jimmy, right? He'd crash and burn if he would find out." Clark said. "That's why we're both keeping it a secret." Kara said and that was the last thing she said to Clark, before she flew toward her apartment that she shared with Jimmy and crawled into bed next to him, who was already sound asleep.
And Clark did the same thing, only to discover an already sleeping Lois.

No, they'd never know what had made Jan, one of the colleagues that they had ACTUALLY contact with outside of work, had tried to do.

End Of Chapter One : A Second Chance
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Chapter Two: The Package

"Yes, Jan! YES! Keep going, please, I need you! I want you!" Kara moaned out, loving the touches of her new boyfriend. Jan kept planting kisses all over her nude body, while she held his cock firmly in her hand and stroked it hard. "Oohhh Kara!" Jan moaned over and over, when Kara suddenly removed her hand and stared into his eyes. "I want it, give me all of you, Jan." Jan wrapped his arms around her and thrusted into her...

BUZZ! BUZZ! Like Jan had been stung by a bee, he darted upright in his bed to grab his cellphone and silence the bee-like alarm. When he returned to his cellphone viewing screen, he kissed the picture, which of course was Kara. If he was obsessed with her, why not have her picture all over every place he could think of? The only thing that wasn't Kara-proof was the fridge, because he had to keep some part of himself in check, so there would not be a Kara-centerfold there anytime soon.

"Oh great, my first day back at work.." Jan groaned as he left his bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. After all daily rituals were done, Jan left his apartment with the box of his stuff to go back to the Daily Planet again. The song "Apologize" from One Republic was on and Jan already found that an omen... meaning it being a kind of Lex Luthor apology for firing him. Could this day get any more swell?

It didn't take long for Jan to arrive at the Daily Planet after having found a perfect place to park his car and NOT get into the crossfire with a parking ticket, since he was an employee he would never get one. He bustled into the already busy Daily Planet and went straight for the elevator that would take him to his floor. He tried to get by unnoticed as much as possible... but it was in vain. "Hey, Jan!" Clark and Jimmy said in unison as he had entered the elevator. "Hey, guys! How have you been?" Jan asked, putting on a fake smile. "We're great! Lois and Kara say hi." Clark told him, being the only one besides Kara who knew what really had happened to Jan last night. "Oh... well, that's nice. Say hi back to them for me, will you?" Jan asked, growing a bit tired of this conversation. "Well, you can tell Lois later, she's on her way here right now." Clark told him. Of course Clark had zoomed ahead toward work, Lois had said that she didn't mind him being there first. But Jan wasn't listening. He had turned his attention to Jimmy.
"So, Jimmy, how's Kara doing?" Jan asked his best friend. His friend's eyes got happy, he loved talking about his Kara. "Oh, she's doing great! She might drop in today." Jimmy said... and suddenly froze. "Why are you hauling your stuff back in? Did you get fired or something?" The elevator pinged; they had arrived on their floor. All three walked toward their desks.... while Jan remained mute. "It's hard for him, Jimmy." Jan heard Clark tell Jimmy. Jan reached his desk and took out his stuff. "No, it's not. I did get fired, Jimmy. But apparently someone has done a good word for me to get rehired again." Jan said with a smile.

No sooner later than they had sat themselves behind their desk, did the intercom buzz.
"Good morning, all. Could Jan Oramu report in my office?" The voice of Lex Luthor sounded through the speakers. Now what? Jan irritatedly thought.

Without a glance at his fellows, Jan left his workstation and began to go to the boss's office. "You wanted to see me, Sir?" Jan asked, remaining polite while he actually wanted to sound annoyed. "Please, sit down, Mr. Oramu." So Jan did what he was asked.

"I've been mistaken. I apologize for the inconvenience your sacking has caused. So I hereby give you back your job along with a company credit card. And don't worry about your reviews, they're perfect Daily Planet material." Lex said, handing him the card. Oh, and a little something else... sent to your house... Lex thought, thinking of adding that, so Jan would know he would receive a package from his boss. After awhile he relented. "And I sent something to your home... be sure to use it, otherwise that gift has been a waste." Lex said. "Wow... thank you, Sir." Jan said, unable to speak. "That will be all, back to work with you." Lex said, smiling all the while. Jan then left to return to his workstation, only to be watched by a still smiling Lex. Knowing about your infatuation... I know for a fact you'll use it.

"Well Well, if it isn't Jan Oramu? What's he say, huh? Smallville told me you were sent to Lex's office? What did he do?" Lois asked, demanding to know what he did. "Well, he... uhm... gave me my old job back." Jan explained. "WHAT?! Your OLD job?" Lois exclaimed.
"That's right, I was fired for a day." Jan said, then he got back to his workstation.

He unloaded all of his stuff, returning them to their original place they had been before he got fired. Jan then started up the computer, the desktop picture being that of his work friends and himself... the only picture he hadn't photoshopped Jimmy or anyone else out of.

So Jan checked about any new releases he had missed during his small period of mourning his job, and found out that there wasn't much to review since the last time.
There was a small lunch break, and Jan went up to the roof again. "I'll be right back, Lois." Clark said and kissed her on her lips, before he went to follow Jan.

Jan got up on the roof and retrieved his backpack that was still there. "You're not trying to commit suicide again, are you?" Clark asked. Jan jumped up due to the voice. "Clark.... how did you? Only Supergirl knows..." Jan asked, turning around. "And she told me. We're... kind of close." Clark said, without betraying that Supergirl is actually Kara.
"I was just getting my backpack from the roof, Clark. Not like I'm trying the same thing twice, y'know." Jan told his colleague. "Just checking." Clark said.

Then after the break there was Kara, sitting on Jimmy's desk. They were laughing about something. Without saying hi, Jan returned to his workstation and worked until closing time. "Well, guys, time for me to check out." Jan said with a smile and hugged everyone of them.

He couldn't wait to return home and see what it was that Lex Luthor had sent him. So he got into his car and drove back toward his house. Just when Jan got out of his car, a delivery boy was carrying a package to his house. "Hi, I guess that package is for me." Jan said with a smile and he happily signed for it. Jan opened his door and brought the package in. Immediately Jan tore open the package and discovered what it was. One had a necklace with a red stone in it, the others were green and red rocks.

Gee, he's given me his rock collection? Awesome! Thanks, Lex... Yet he had gotten quite intrigued in why he would send rocks and a necklace to his employee. So he began to check online for any meanings on the rocks... and what he found quite pleased him, the rocks weren't ordinary.... but would he know that he had Superman's and Supergirl's only weakness in his possession??? He thought the necklace was pretty, and maybe, should there be a moment, Jan Oramu would give the necklace to Kara...

End of Chapter Two : The Package
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Chapter 3 : The Office Party

"Why didn't he even say hi to me? What is up with him, Jimmy?" Kara asked Jimmy about his best friend. Normally Jan would always be happy to see her and they would have a little talk about what was new in their lives and stuff. She wondered if Jimmy knew what had happened to Jan... of course she knew about the attempted suicide because she is also Supergirl, though she played it as the concerned girlfriend about the best friend of her boyfriend. "Apparently Lex fired Jan yesterday, yet he rehired him again today." Jimmy explained as he smiled at his girlfriend. "I don't know why he didn't say hi, maybe he was in a rush to finish a review for something." Jimmy said, deciding that would be the reason why. Of course he had no idea about Jan having a crush on Kara, and that he couldn't stand to have one more fake happy Work Party. "Maybe you can ask him yourself, since tonight there will be a new work party!" Kara nodded, smiling. "Right! I totally forgot about that."

Meanwhile at Jan's...

Jan put the Red K necklace into his pocket as he got dressed for the party. Maybe I should just attend one more... Jan thought with a sigh. He put the other pieces of rock back into the box and shoved it under his bed. Instinctively he reached for his bedroom wall and waited for the seconds it took before the wall slid to the side, revealing his shrine of Kara Kent. He stared at her smiling face, she looks so happy in those pictures... and he was going to take it away from her, just because he wanted her.
"You had your happy time, Jimmy Olsen." Jan said darkly as he removed his hand from the wall and continued to stare at Kara's beautiful angelic face until the wall slid back into position.

Lois was almost ready for the party as she got dressed in the apartment she shared with her lover Clark Kent. It too bugged Lois that all she had gotten from Jan was that he had been fired by Lex, there just HAD to be something Jan was keeping from them. But what?
"It's still bugging me, Clark! Why didn't Jan say a little more than just 'oh, that's because Lex gave me my old job back. I mean, c'mon, we've got thousands of co-workers and all we hang out with outside of work is Jan?" Lois asked Clark as he got dressed as well.

Can't she just forget about it? It's killing me keeping that dark secret! Oh Kara, I wonder what you've told Jimmy should he be asking the same thing as Lois! Clark thought as he tried to think of a reply. "He'll probably be there tonight, why don't you ask him in person?" Clark settled on saying. "Don't YOU think I've tried that already? I just kept bugging him about it, but he wouldn't spill! Not one more sentence!" Lois said.

"Hey baby, how was your day today?" Bart asked as he kissed Chloe on her lips. "It was fine, Bart. How was yours? Did you stop some more LuthorCorp projects with your Justice League?" She asked, smiling at her boyfriend as she got dressed for her work party. It was still strange to have Lex Luthor as a boss, and him being the person Bart was fighting against. Yet Lex didn't know about their relationship, so everything was fine.

"Going to that office party, eh, chica?" Bart asked, smiling at his girlfriend. "Yeah, maybe I can fill you in on some info from Lex himself." Chloe said laughing... then stopped. "Although, I highly doubt it." Then suddenly, Bart was called away on business, leaving Chloe alone after a quick kiss.

"Time to get this show on the road." Jan said to himself as he put on his suit jacket, finishing the image. He locked his apartment door and walked over to his car, when there was a limo that just stopped into his driveway. The door opened and some security personnel from the Daily Planet stepped out of it. "Ah, Mr. Oramu, all ready to go, it seems? Well, hop in and let me take you to the work party! Orders from Mr. Luthor." Jan just stood there, gaping at the sight.

This is probably his way of making sure I don't try to commit suicide again... Jan thought as he suddenly felt movement in his legs again and walked toward the opened door. He slid inside and heard the door close by the driver and him getting behind the wheel... There were a lot of drinks and many things Jan could do while sitting in the limo, but instead he just waited until the limo arrived at the Daily Planet.

Lex was already there, waiting for his employees. He smiled when Jan entered the doorway. "What, no thanks for the limo? I must admit, my feelings are hurt." Lex said with a smirk. "Of course that was the very first thing I wanted to thank you for, Sir, but you didn't give me time to speak. And... thanks for the Rock collection, I can't believe my collection is nearly complete!" Jan said with an equal smirk.

Lex laughed. "I take it you've brought the necklace with you to use on your crush?" Lex asked. Jan was horrified. "You... know?!" Jan asked. "C'mon, Jan, I see the way you look at her when she's around Jimmy... I'm giving you what you want here, you just need a perfect moment to place it around her neck. I'm sure you'll think of something." Lex said.

Jan just nodded and joined Lex at the drinks table. The next moment the other employees spilled into the room, along with Jimmy, Chloe, Lois, Clark and Kara.

This time Jan went straight for Kara. "Hey, Kara! How have you been? I'm sorry for not saying hi to you today, I needed to finish this review I was writing." Jan said as he hugged her. Kara smiled back at him, and told him it was okay, that she had figured it was for a review, while this was being watched by Lex himself. Touché, Jan. Good lie. Lex thought.

Of course there were the usual pictures, Jan with Kara and Jimmy, along several others with Clark and Lois, Clark and Chloe, Lois and Chloe. As always he couldn't keep his eyes off of her, she was so beautiful in that red dress... that would fit her necklace perfectly.
But when should he do it? WHEN?!

Everyone was seated at their table when Lex suddenly stood on the stage and announced it was time to name the Employee of the Month. Every conversation ended, everyone was quiet... when Lex opened the envelope and announced the winner to be... "JAN ORAMU!"

"WHAT?!" Jan asked as cheers of applause erupted. What is it with Lex suddenly being nice to me now?! He thought as he made his way toward the stage. "As not all of you may know... I had fired him because I didn't think his reviews of Music, DVD releases and Concert and Movie reviews was suitable to be Daily Planet-material, but I was wrong." Lex said, and quickly looked straight at Kara. Jan took the microphone from Lex and just stared at the thing. "Uhm... wow, I just want to thank Lex and all my friends, my colleagues... oh, and Supergirl!" Jan said, the last part a little louder, for emphasis.

Everyone clapped and cheered... Kara blushed when she heard that comment about Supergirl coming from her boyfriend's best friend. After dinner they all went home, except for Jan, Kara, Jimmy, Clark, Lois and Chloe. "Wow, we need to definitely go out tonight! Celebrate with our Employee of the Month!" All colleagues of Jan said laughing...

The limo was still waiting outside. "Man! If I had known that was your ride, I wouldn't have driven my car to the Planet!" Jimmy said, playfully bumping him. "Yeah... I only discovered it when I had wanted to drive with my car over to the Planet..." Jan said with a smile. So everyone got inside it and immediately took full advantage of the drinks and accommodations: listening to music, watching the news, watching a DVD. All the while Jan only looked at Kara, who was animatedly talking with Jimmy and all the others.

Of course she noticed him looking at her, but decided not to notice. She did smile up at him, though. When they arrived at a nice Bar they could party and celebrate Jan's award, they first decided to order some non-alcoholic drinks... yet later on, they settled for the alcoholic kind. Everyone apparently needed to go to the bathroom, yet not Kara and Jan.

Jan decided to have his chance. He scooted up closer to Kara, stealing Jimmy's seat and touched her arm. "Kara? I... uhm... I wanted you to have this." Jan said and removed the necklace, the red K gem not visible yet. Kara put a hand on his. "Jan, I can't accept it. I'm Jimmy's girlfriend. I don't have feelings for you. Yeah, I love you, but not the way I love Jimmy." Jan accepted the blow, every sentence in the form of an arrow that pierced his heart. He already knew that she would say something like this... yet he didn't expect this much of an impact.

"Jimmy's not here right now. I didn't mean to say that I wanted you to have this.. I.. actually bought this for Jimmy, so he could give it to you. Would you like to put it on, see how it looks on you?" Jan prodded, wanting to just get this over with. He did need to get rid of it somehow, if she didn't want it.

Kara stared into Jan's eyes, clearly seeing the hurt behind them. She sighed. "Okay, but only a quick look, okay?" She told Jan. "Absolutely, Kara." Jan said. In all her life as Kara and Supergirl on Earth, Kara had never ever been affected by Red Kryptonite before...

Jan pulled out the necklace and as Kara had held up some of her blonde hair, he slipped it around her neck... instantly there were flashes of red in Kara's eyes. After Kara had let down her hair, did she look at Jan again... a grin on her face, filled with raw feelings of lust.

She eyed the surroundings of the bar, seeing if there was an empty booth they could sit in. Kara found one and instantly grabbed Jan's hand and was now taking him toward the empty booth. "Kara, where are we -----?" Jan wanted to ask, but was cut off by Kara who had pushed him into the booth and now got on top of Jan, her body against his. "Ssh..." Kara told him and began to kiss him hard on every place of his face that she could think of...

End of Chapter 3 : The Office Party
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